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I win.

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Does Anyone even look at this anymore?


Friday, August 22, 2008

Two months in fact, a long long time. I think Facebook is the culprit - or perhaps a lack of wit as we enter our senior years. 

The blog has seen some good times, good times....

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

June 4th - you should all be ashamed of yourselves. Has the blogger been killed by facebook? Or is it too complicated for the new players to get to grips with? We did a whole month without a post - I blame myself, which means I blame you.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

And the report is confined to Internet history for ever more, detailing in depth the vomit trail left by Miller...

Monday, June 02, 2008

For the benefit of Sillsy.

Shefford FC in Blackpool 2008

Screw, Miller, Miller and Macca arrived first, checked into their rooms and settled in Wetherspoons. Matt, Ads, Lewy and Tony arrived next, minutes before Browny, Smurf, Crabbeman and Shane. All met in Wetherspoons for some drinks and food. Browny ordered a cheeseburger and ate half of it before finding the hairs. So many hairs. Browny got his money back. More beers in other pubs, rancid pubs with smells in toilets that could make you spew. Then back to the B&B for games of killer, more lager, more food and Ben and Gareth turning up, before heading out to empty pubs and bars in a very tired looking Blackpool. Someone nicked a pound off a tramp. Eventually other people started turning up and the rest of the night was excellent. Chris Miller was sick into a pint glass and then staggered home. Browny offered £2000 to drink the contents of the pint glass. No takers. A few harsh words spoken between some drunk Welsh lads and our lads and a retarded Man City fan and Ben. No punches traded. Fake slice of lemon shenanigans from Smurf. Kebab and taxi back. Matt, Lewy, Ads, Tony and Crabbeman asked to move on by the police from a roundabout where they were sat eating a McDonalds. Cute policewomen by all accounts, got fed up and just drove off rather than seeing their mission through. Matt offered a doughnut to a tramp who seemed to take offence at this. Andy Miller found Chris Miller curled up on the floor of the shower, shower on, vomit trickling down the plug hole.

Morning brought heat and humidity to every room. Miller sick again. Breakfast decent. Weather superb. Screw had to hold on on The Big One, Macca made it round with hands aloft throughout. Big One seemed more violent than previous years, lots of jerky lateral movement. New ride called "Infusion" which was very good. Got told off on Valhalla via loudspeaker "Lads can you put your shirts back on while on the ride". I did a "Who's Line Is It Anyway" remeniscent skit with Smurf in the queue for the Big Dipper by inserting my arms underneath him and being his hands, had to stop when some Koreans walked past and, uncontrolled by him, Smurf appeared to be pulling a "slanty-eyed" expression at them (still makes me laugh now thinking about it.)

Crazy golf tournament on the way back won by Ads. Tony and Ben most sunburnt. Gurkha buffet curry for tea. Bars, clubs, lots of people in fancy dress, some of them poledancing, some bird slapped some guy, rubbish gentleman's club, kebab, taxi, breakfast, home.

Simple as that.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Final league table - Shefford finish 4th in the end.

Well done Smurf, that equals the club's highest position set by me, then by Genghis, now by you.

Second highest goal difference in the league, second lowest goals conceded. Would be interesting to see what our relative goals scored/conceded were for the previous seasons, but not interesting enough to actually try and find out.

With a little tweaking, no reason why we can't finish higher next season.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We are currently 4th in the league, although if Bucklebury win by 10 clear goals against Berkshire Arms they'll move above us on goal difference....

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Come on Shefford 3 points tomorrow!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Depending on whether I can find something else better to do or not, I might take a trip up to watch the Hermitage game tonight, just to see how they're looking. It's probably beyond us now but you never know how things might turn out for when we play them in the last game. If I go I'll let you know what I see.
I'm not going to be making any predictions as I think (or at least hope) there'll be an upset or two on the cards, although Hermitage do look to be in cruise control at the moment.

Unfortunately it doesn't look like Kennet will put up much of a fight against them as they've lost the last 4/5 on the bounce. Post Office played well against us and the pace of their strikers might cause them a problem or two, they're playing tonight so maybe the Millers or someone will be able to find out their result.

We can only go out and put up a good performance in all our remaining games and if we do we'll create chances - then who knows what'll happen... Can't do more than that.

Roll on Thursday...

This does not register Hermitage thumping Q
A win Thursday should get us definite 4th place at least as Bucklebury can catch us on points but we have better goal difference unless Q and Hermitage both spank us.
Falkland are still in the hunt the top teams games left are as follows:
Hermitage have to play: Post Office,Shefford and Kennett
Q Have To play: Shefford,Falkland and Clock Tower
Falkland Have To play: Q,Berks Arms,Swan and Clock Tower
Bucklebury Have to play: Berks Arms and Hogs Head

I predict
Falkland Getting 12 points
Q Getting 3
Bucklebury Getting 3
Hermitage Getting 7
Shefford Getting 7

End Of Season Table
Hermitage 46 points
Falkland 46 points
Shefford 43 points
Q Assocs 40 points
Bucklebury 36 points

Berks Arms Game First Game Of Season !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Perhaps they're both in the final of the Berks & Bucks Cup.
I'm sure the league are just trying to be difficult with our fixtures.

We could easily play either Turnpike or The Clock Tower on Sunday 27th as all three of us have the week off, so there's no need to play mid-week...

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Played Won Drawn Lost F A GD Points
Q Associates 18 11 4 3 62 36 26 37
Shefford 16 9 3 4 51 27 24 30
Hermitage Res 16 9 3 4 44 25 19 30
Bucklebury 17 9 3 5 43 33 10 30
Kennet 17 8 4 5 44 33 11 28
Falkland 16 8 3 5 50 38 12 27
Swan 18 8 2 8 39 37 2 26
FC HH Res 18 7 5 6 41 39 2 26
Newbury PO 16 4 5 7 40 37 3 17
Clock Tower Inn 16 4 5 7 41 50 -9 17
Turnpike Sports 17 4 0 13 28 74 -46 12
Berkshire Arms 19 2 1 16 28 82 -54 7

That's how I have the table at the moment. Extremely tight at the moment and too close to call. But if we win our games it's ours no matter what anyone else does. We've just won 3 on the bounce and only one of the teams left to play is above us in the table so it's not unthinkable.
Yeah but we have you Shane and you're good at those though balls that set up goals...! ;o)
Yeah there's a few twists left in it yet.

We have to play Q and Herm Res, but those two have to play each other as well, so there are plenty of points to be won/lost in the final run in.

The recent run of results has put us in the best position though, as if we do our bit then other results don't matter. Turnpike will be happy about the evening fixtures though as we'll have no Lewis on Tuesday night...
Results from the paper:

Q Ass 3 - 3 Bucklebury
Turnpike P - P Kennet
Swan 0 - 2 Falkland
Clocktower 0 - 6 Hermitage Reserves
Shefford 3 - 2 Post Office

The league table hasn't been updated, but by my calculations that moves us up to second in the table on goal difference, Hermitage Res are third on the same points, so they look like they're going to take the challenge all the way too, which makes every fixture a massive one and the games against Q and Herm absolutely crucial....

So... 3 games in a week is just what we need to help our title challenge!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Sorry - the lack of a capital letter on May made me think it was a misconstrude sentence...